Road trippin’ in Pernambuco. Dec ’13

In just 3 days we racked up an insane amount of miles on the meter of our humble rental car. Serious respect to Jamie who drove over 1000km in just four days…on the other side of the road. Overtaking trucks was an unpleasant experience. As was driving through torrential rain in the pitch black inching our way along the highway to get to a warm and dry B&B.

The idea was to get as far as Vale de Catimbau. Which we did! And spent an incredible day under unexpected but warmly welcomed cloudy skies to walk the sandy trails of the canyon up to the view point and then drive down to Ze Bezerro’s wood carving workshop where we had a little jam, Jamie on the guitar, Ze on his berimbau made of kettles and Edilson our brilliant brilliant guide on the drum (and me with my finger on the shutter!)

Anywho, in the end we went a heck of a lot further than Catimbau, all the way up the hairpin bends and down again to Triunfo, a gorgeous city in the sertão which despite being notoriously dry, we arrived and it was tipping it down. We threw caution to the wind and had one night of luxury in a magical B&B with an even more magical breakfast. In the evening we ran through the rain from a bizarre concert of chimes, dodging the huge mating toads making sweet love in the puddles to get to the only pizza place open at 10pm at night.

The drive home was epic if not a test of endurance. Eight hours solid of stormy skies and a nostalgic stop in Gravatá.

But seriously, the road is where it’s at!


Blandest oranges

New wheel


Storm clouds

Bakery in Vila de Catimbau

The mighty mini coconut

Coconut plant


Dubious cave paintings

Chapadão, Vale de Catimbau

Zé's berimbau

Zé's grandson



Out on the street

Buíque II


Good morning Triunfo


Our little room

Triunfo I

New shoes




At the top

Radio Triunfo

Washed out

Triunfo III

Church tour

Toes and steps

Triunfo IV

Triunfo V




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