Brazil. Dec ’13

Well, I took more photographs during December than I did during the rest of my stay in Brazil so have had to divide things up a little bit! Here’s some from the first 3 weeks excluding the most epic road trip to the sertão (dry arid region of Pernambuco state) and a super special teeny tiny trip home for Christmas.

I met lots of wonderful people out and about in Olinda and bumbled about my everyday life doing Tai Chi in the mornings, a handful of dance classes in-between various trips.

Jamie came out to visit me for two weeks and we rented a car and went and stuffed our bellies in Gravata and went camping on the beach with friends.

Lots of cooking, lots of beer and lots of smiles. Brazil really feels like home.

Mercado São José


Patio São Pedro




Santa hats

Mercado Encruzilhada

Black cat



Good Morning Maracaipe

SPF 50


Centre of Recife

Frevo practice

Take a break

Paula and Juliana




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