Nepal. Jan ’13

Rifling through the handful of trinkets I brought with me to Berlin I found a reel of film in its plastic case. “The lomo photos!”. I rushed down to the local pharmacy to get them developed and two days later I had a little packet full of bright sunny moments from New Years in Nepal. Once I find a scanner I can share those too but for now here are the hoards of photos that have been getting dusty on the virtual shelf i.e. sitting waiting on my laptop.

It was a whirlwind 10 days. I flew out with my Dad, my little brother Jack, his mum Kirsteen and my friend Jamie just two days after Christmas. Twenty hours later we arrived in The Du (Katmandhu that is) met by a very very special person indeed. Miss Keren Baruch. She had left Oxford in June to return to her studies in New York and I wasn’t sure when we would meet next but what a destination to do so!

On my checklist were: make sure Jamie and Keren have an incredible time, hang out with Jack, read my weight in medieval Spanish literature and relax. You can probably guess, the penultimate on that list didn’t really happen.

Instead Jamie, Keren and I explored the Kathmandu valley and I got to re-visit some of my favourite places like Boddnath (the huge Buddhist stupa) and the children’s home where I used to work. I also saw some new things, like Pashnupatinath, Nagarkot and the Botanical Gardens.

I’ll let the pictures do the rest of the talking. Miss you Nepal – hope to see you soon!

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