They call it Michaelmas. Oct-Dec ’11

This time last year I was just about to finish up the phenomenon that is ‘Michaelmas’ term, that is my first term at Oxford University.

It kicked off with an unforgettable Fresher’s Week at the beginning of October. Everyday was drenched in sunshine and one afternoon we headed down to the reservoir to cool off. The week was rounded up with a “bop”; a party in the college with some serious fancy dress costumes.

A couple of weeks later we had the Matriculation ceremony. Kitted out in gowns we were led through the city to the Sheldonian Theatre where we officially became students of the university.

Then the hard grind and tight schedule took hold and the term now is a great big amalgamation of late nights in the library, being completely lost amongst library stacks, early morning rowing outings and dinners in hall.

Look forward to casting a glance over these photographs in a few years time!


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