Summer Term.Apr-Jun ’12

And my twenties begin. Apart from the total of 24 hours of Preliminary Examinations in June, Trinity term was carefree.

April provided its showers but we danced in the rain at Wadstock watching our friends perform and sharing a bucket of vodka Jelly and a packet of special edition Oreos, sent from Keren’s mum in New York for her 21st birthday.

We celebrated Holi festival in Oxford, winding our way through the town all pristinely dressed in white before entering into a huge and very colourful water fight in Mansfield College playing fields. I had a whole load of unused powder paint which I had bought in Nepal the year before to use up. My trainers will never be the same again.

A picnic on the banks of the Isis.

Having to abandon my punting pole, leaving it stuck in the river as our punt slowly drifted away under Magdalen Bridge.

Oxford shines in the Summer.

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