Spring Chickens. Mar-Apr ’12

The long awaited Easter vacation. Once more we all had to clear out our rooms for the holidays and scuttle off back to various corners of the country. This time though, we scuttled back together.

A group of us hung out in Bristol for a week at my friend Jamie’s house, went to a few gigs, hung out in the park and cooked lots of amazing food.

Bobo, Jamie and Charlotte came to stay at my house and we ambled about in the New Forest. On Easter Sunday my brother and his girlfriend came down and we all tucked in to a huge chicken, leek and cider pie made by yours truly.

Even managed to squeeze in a surf trip down to Devon with my friend Becky. The five hour train journey was broken up by interesting changes involving running with a huge board bag and rucksacks down sleepy station platforms. We stayed with another friend, Sam, who works in the grounds of an amazing stately home complete with sunken gardens, endless woods and hidden lakes.

We surfed at Westward Ho! The only place name in the country with an exclamation mark in the name. The water was freezing. I may have gotten grumpy. But Becky’s wise words on success in the water definitely helped, ‘It’s always good to get wet’. Post-surf we tucked into piping hot beans and rice in Sam’s camper van, hanging out until the stars came out.

Sadly all good things come to an end and I headed back to Oxford the day before the my adolescence came to an end and I became 20.

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