Nepal. Dec ’11 – Jan ’12

After one very hectic term at University I took refuge for four beautiful weeks at my Dad’s place in Kathmandu, Nepal. It was the perfect remedy to the previous 8 weeks of books, grammar and essays.

I spent my days reading on the terrace, looking out over the sprawling city centre, going running in the chilly misty mornings through the rice paddies, and shooting down the huge hill on my bicycle to yoga classes.

For an entire week prior to Christmas Day the Himalayan mountain range shook off the haze that normally hides them from view. Every evening they would glow pink as the sun set and on very clear days we could see the mountain range all the way from the Annapurna region round to the Everest Region.

Christmas Day itself was like English springtime, but without the rain. The air was fresh to say the least but the sun shone strong enough to keep us all warm during the hours of daylight.

The highlight had to be our stay at ‘The Old Farmhouse’. Nestled away somewhere in the Katmandhu Valley, we ate in the open air, the tables lit by candle light, sat round bonfires after dinner, and went and explored the ancient Newari town, my little brother and I climbing right to the top of the newly built museum.

This was my third time in Nepal, and it was so great to go back the children’s home for girls where I had worked earlier in the year. I went back to make Christmas decorations and just chat with all the girls – their English streets ahead of the few Nepalese words I can just about remember.

A beautiful country, with even more beautiful people. Can’t wait to go back!

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