A few from Hilary. Jan-Mar ’12

No more rowing.

A new year and a new term and that was the first thing struck off the list. I did the early mornings, I did the training and I did the regatta. Now it was all about having a bit more fun.

My friend Alice came down for the weekend and we were really lucky to get some beautiful sunshine to make up for the very frosty evenings and we went for a mosey around the Botanical Gardens. My fear of birds was not helped by the tempting picnic we had with us.

Evenings mucking around in my room after going out dancing to the Oxford DJs expertly arranged iPod playlists…

Congratulations due my friend Laura who is now a music scholar. Bad luck to Alex and Jamie who had to help lug the electric piano she was entitled to up and around the Matthews block accommodation stairwell.

Burn’s Night was brilliant. A few guys from the choir singing some bonny Scottish songs and some actually quite tasty haggis served up in the dining hall topped off with a Ceilidh in the JCR. I think the whiskey with pudding made my dancing better.

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